I teach courses in modern and contemporary literature, media studies, and critical writing in the Department of English and the Program in Media and Film Studies at Skidmore College. Click below for materials from some of my recent courses:

Introduction to Media Studies (Spring 2020)

Introduction to Literary Studies (Fall 2019)

Literature in the Digital Age (Fall 2019)

Critical Digital Studies (Spring 2019)

Graphic Narratives and Comic Books (Fall 2018)

Digital Identity (Fall 2018)

Remixes, Memes, and Mashups: Appropriation and Authorship in Contemporary Literature and Media (Fall 2017)

Fiction (Fall 2016)

American Realism (Fall 2015)

Prior to coming to Skidmore, I taught the following courses at Temple University:

Issues in Digital Culture: Identity, Privacy, Social Change (Spring 2015)

American Literature, 1865-Present (Fall 2014)

Debates in Digital Culture: Analytical Reading and Writing (Spring 2014)

Special Topics: Electronic Literature (Fall 2013)

Contemporary American Fiction: Global America and the Future of the Novel (Spring 2013)

Studies in Modern American Literature: Literature, Media, and the Archive (Fall 2011)

American Literature, 1865-Present (Spring 2011)

Advanced Contemporary Literature: Reading Literature, Reading Media (Spring 2009)

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