I teach courses in modern and contemporary literature, media studies, and critical writing in the English department at Skidmore. Click below for materials from some of my recent courses:

Literature in the Digital Age (Spring 2016)

American Realism (Fall 2015)

Digital Identity (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)

Prior to coming to Skidmore, I taught the following courses at Temple University:

Issues in Digital Culture: Identity, Privacy, Social Change (Spring 2015)

American Literature, 1865-Present (Fall 2014)

Debates in Digital Culture: Analytical Reading and Writing (Spring 2014)

Special Topics: Electronic Literature (Fall 2013)

Contemporary American Fiction: Global America and the Future of the Novel (Spring 2013)

Studies in Modern American Literature: Literature, Media, and the Archive (Fall 2011)

American Literature, 1865-Present (Spring 2011)

Advanced Contemporary Literature: Reading Literature, Reading Media (Spring 2009)

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