I am a specialist in contemporary literature and media studies, working in these two fields individually as well as at the intersection between them. Exploring literary and media artifacts alongside one another across a range of research projects, combining and interweaving critical methodologies from literary studies and media studies, my work argues for a new way of formulating literature’s relation to the history of media technology both during and prior to the current digital moment. Through this approach, I explore how new technologies might allow us to see central questions of literary study such as authorship, narrative, and social and historical context in new ways, as well as how they might allow us to bring new questions—of materiality, inscription, multimodality, and ephemerality—to bear on literary texts.

My research centers on the material and formal relations between contemporary literature and media technology. In my work, I am often drawn to texts and objects that foreground some sort of formal or material extremity—encyclopedism, mass replication and transcription, surplus and excess, error, and deletion. Taking these extremities as points of entry into the aesthetic and philosophical stakes of writing and technology, I work to trace a complex theory and history of textual production across various media in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries.

Selected Recent Publications (consult my curriculum vitae for a complete list)

“Three Moments on Mediation.” Invited Contribution to “Mapping Media Studies,” Inaugural Issue of MAST: The Journal of Media Art, Study, and Theory, April 2020.

“Work, Play, and the Banality of the Digital: Boredom as Form.” Humans at Work in the Digital Age: Forms of Digital Textual Labor. Eds. Shawna Ross and Andrew Pilsch. New York: Routledge, 2019.






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