I teach contemporary literature, media studies, and critical writing at Skidmore College. I received my Ph.D. in Literatures in English from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. In my research, I explore how the material and formal extremities of textual artifacts reveal the cultural history of modern and contemporary media technology. My work has appeared in PMLAelectronic book review, and Narrative. I am currently at work on two projects: in Archival Fictions: Materiality, Form, and Media History in Contemporary Literature, I explore the relations between formal experimentation and media history in a series of late-twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century literary texts, including work by Don DeLillo, Andy Warhol, Kevin Young, Hari Kunzru, and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. I have also begun work on a second project, Deletions: Absence, Obsolescence, and the Ends of Media. In Deletions, I trace a history of textual disappearance across a range of twentieth- and twenty-first-century media, from book burning, redaction, and the combustion of celluloid film to the global circulation of electronic waste.

For more information, please view my current curriculum vitae. You can also contact me at pbenzon at skidmore dot edu, or follow me on Twitter at @pbenzon.



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